Digital assistant that enhances the effectiveness of professional networking by leveraging deep profile matching and proximity location to create a customized feedof high value connections based on common interests and pursuits.

David Bodel


Jam believes that the way we’ve been taught to make new, meaningful connection is situation for a world that no longer exists and is working to solve the crisis of connection that is making society lonelier and less understanding of one another. We are building an interest-based connection engine that will facilitate in-person meetups for individuals new to a city. Jaam’s team is comprised of a Venture for America Fellow, a Machine Learning expert, and a full-stack developer.

Shea Parkikh, Phillip Loher, and Joel Wasserman


We help companies address the people side of cybersecurity by means of comprehensive users awareness programs – making the end-users assets to the security program. Our unique risk-based, behavior-focused offerings address cyber-security and compliance needs with a multi-channel and multi-touch program.

Terry Ziemniak

olympus infotech

A SaaS cloud solution based on Risk Management Standards simplifies the cyber risk assessment process and assists with continuous risk monitoring for emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Founder is a cyber security practitioner with over 20 years experience in information security field.

Srinivasan (Mali) Vanamali


ON App is an on-demand, in-home technology support company that is passionate about helping you keep your technology ON and working for you! We pride our self on providing a simple, fast and friendly experience for our customers.

Nathan Ennis and David Ennis


smpl ( is a modern platform for membership based businesses (like coworking and day care centers) which handles member management, automatic billing and resource booking.

Mike Bifulco, Garrett Titchy, and Sean Rodgers


WatchPitch is a mobile App and platform that functions like a “tinder” for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Investors. It represents a quantum shift in decision-making and match-making deal flow that now takes moments rather than months. The team is fluent in media, marketing, operations and logistics on every front of the enterprise build and launch.

Trey Scott​