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Entrepreneurship is like being the architect of your own destiny in the business world. It’s about identifying opportunities and taking the initiative to turn them into viable ventures. At its core, entrepreneurship is about innovation, risk-taking and perseverance. Entrepreneurs are the individuals who are not content with the status quo; they constantly seek to create something new, whether it’s a product, service or entire business model. Whether you are launching a business, working on an idea or on a corporate path, skills such as critical thinking and creative problem solving are core fundamentals.

At the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we help students, faculty and community partners uncover ideas and discover innovation. We have a variety of programming to help you advance at any level of your journey. Our Entrepreneurial Thinking, Customer Discovery & Design Thinking process guides you toward market success.

Featured Programming

National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™)

The NSF I-Corps program prepares participants to extend their focus beyond the university laboratory, and accelerates the economic and societal benefits of NSF-funded, basic research projects that are ready to move toward commercialization.

Charlotte Venture Challenge

Charlotte Venture Challenge is the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s annual event highlighting campus research, innovation and community partnerships.

Fidel Henriquez wearing a 49er Foundry t-shirt

49er Foundry

The 49er Foundry is UNC Charlotte’s idea incubator program to help students launch and grow innovative ideas and ventures in a collaborative and creative environment.

Inclusive Innovation Leadership Academy

This collaborative learning program educates, empowers and inspires women and underrepresented minorities to use their leadership expertise in the innovation and entrepreneurship community.

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