Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Spring 2018 Alumni

Dine genius, LLc

Dine Genius will help restaurants fill unused seats and add incremental revenue through an app based marketing solution. Our app allows restaurants to use hyperlocal marketing to attract potential diners by using geolocation to display their daily menu specials. Users can see daily food and drink specials closest to them and decide to visit the restaurant.

Alan Smith

Fix mob, inc

Snap. Send. Fixed! FixMob is a mobile app helping organizations simplify their maintenance communication with end users. Frustrated by traditional means of communicating with maintenance teams (difficult-to-find phone numbers, convoluted web forms, endless email threads, sticky notes), FixMob was co-founded in Charlotte in 2017 by Nic Gavalas and Mark Vande Guchte. They are two UNC alumni determined to build a better maintenance communication ecosystem.

Nic Gavalas, Mark Van Gutche and Russell Eldridge

gig connected, inc

Gig Connected in its current form is a mix between a mobile friendly online platform and SMS Messaging service. Employers and workers proactively search for job matches or rely on daily “push” text messages outlining a group of potential matches.

Keith Clithero

intern local

InternLocal is a web-based platform that provides interns connection to one another and the communities they join temporarily (while interning). The platform allows them to connect with peers, access relevant city information & discounts, find budget-friendly housing, and locate roommates. As a cherry on top, Interns can also access curated professional development content and post-internship, project-based job opportunities to earn some extra cash.

Raven Solomon


Mulligans is a peer-to-peer mobile marketplace focused exclusively on the golf community. It is the place golf enthusiasts go to sell and buy high quality, pre-owned clubs. The Mulligans’ team is 100% focused on our golfing customers and will do everything possible to ensure each person has an enjoyable, hassle-free experience when using the Mulligan’s platform.

Nabil Cacheiro-Hamdi and KB Greenway

shandoka power

As electric vehicles become more common globally, the useful lifetime of the batteries can be expected to outlast many of the cars – whether through damage to the car but not the batteries or by slow degradation of storage capacity. These batteries have many applications after their OEM parameters for retirement have been reached. I founded Shandoka Power to develop specific vehicular applications for secondary use of OEM Automotive EV battery packs, particularly for the conversion of carbureted Motorcycles, Nostalgia Vehicles and Classic Cars where the absolute power-to-weight ratio of batteries is not a critical design requirement, and the benefit of removing the out-dated, inefficient, internal combustion engine is greatest.

Ernest P. Eich, IV


Thoughtpost is a social media analytics and management tool for business groups. Our SaaS platform is created to help business associations, trade organizations, and charities connect and engage with their members in Facebook and other social media networks. Using our platform, both groups and members can optimize their social media presence through improved collaboration, coordination, and content generation.

Chris Dix


Vizlatech extracts information from the various construction sets, combines it into one simple file, and embeds it into the QR code smart unit sign.

Fabio Ayala