Ventureprise NC IDEA Summer Accelerator

Ventureprise Summer Accelerator has been created to provide alumni of our programs the opportunity to participate in a summer labs program focused on business model development and data collection with the goal of obtaining additional funding through NC IDEA, SBIR/STTR and investments.
Participants of the summer labs program will receive a $2,000 award, mentorship and programming. 
The objective of the program is to go beyond the Value Proposition and Customer Segment exploration you went through in the six week cohort. The Summer Accelerator program provides funding to explore channels, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, & partnerships, cost structures and pilot studies. The focus of Ventureprise Summer Accelerator is to fast-track defined milestones.



Ash Malepati- LinkedIn

Bitesavvy is an online surplus food marketplace that provides a solution to tackle food waste resulting from unsold meals and food products from retailers like grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants, while providing a way for small businesses to generate additional revenue and reach new customers.  The platform allows restaurants, grocers, and other food retailers to list their excess unsold products approaching their end by offering steep discounts. Buyers can discover nearby deals through a mobile app and place the order for pickup from the location.





Victor Zitian Chen- LinkedIn

We help companies develop knowledge graph embeddings-based platform for statistical and machine learning models of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) data. We engage natural language processing models to convert a massive volume of scientific research in organizational science and company's own research documents into a causal knowledge graph, which will be embedded into a visual analytics platform to structure and interpret enterprise management data. It helps EPM users to explain the hidden causal pathways visually and intuitively in their data related to organizational management and interventions.


hot route analytics


Adonis Abdullah: LinkedIn

Hot Route Analytics is a sports analytics firm that is dedicated to bringing equity back to sports through in-depth insights and predictive analytics. This effort is led by our mobile apps and technologies designed to give coaches and players live predictions during the game. More specifically, we are focused on our Next Pitch mobile app which is designed to give baseball/softball teams a competitive advantage during the game, ultimately helping them win games.



No Mess spf


Kim Harclerode: LinkedIn

No Mess SPF is an automatic sunscreen applicator designed for singles and parents with kids. You can step in front and have protection in 5 seconds. No Mess SPF allows you to avoid sunburn and wrinkles now, and future biopsies or skin cancer later.


seniors in transition


Penny Campbell: LinkedIn

Seniors In Transition (S.I.T.) is a mobile application designed to bridge the communication gap between caregivers and the family members of seniors. The application is a convenient and easily accessible way for the family members to learn about the physical and mental health of their loved ones. Thus, giving the family a peace of mind about their loved one and giving the caregiver a system of record of family/staff communication.


Talaria technologies


Pedro Regaldo: LinkedIn

Talaria is a mixed reality telehealth system that aims to reduce at least 25% of the time nurses and doctors spend on filling out patient forms and charting so that they can spend more time helping the patient get the care that they need.