Idea Pitch 2019

You come with the idea, we help with the rest.

2 min pitch/ Up to $1000 in cash and prizes


Next Information Session: Tuesday, November 12th - Sign up Here

Apply to Pitch Here

Office Hours: PORTAL 252 - Sign up Here




2019 Schedule: 

  • November 6th (Wednesday): Office Hours 2pm-5pm (PORTAL 252)
  • November 12th (Tuesday): Information Session 3:30pm (Cone 268)
  • November 15th (Friday): Office Hours 10am-2pm (PORTAL 252)
  • November 15th  (Friday): Applications Due 11:59pm
  • November 18th (Monday): Office Hours 9am-1pm (PORTAL 252)
  • November 19th (Tuesday): Slides Due 5pm
  • November 21st (Thursday): 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How do I sign up for the 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch?

 A.    Click here for the application. Once you have completed and submitted the application, you are automatically entered into the competition.

Q: Who is eligible for the 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch?

 A.    All UNC Charlotte students- any college, any major- all are welcome.  You can be a single founder, have a partner or be part of an organization. 

Q: I have a partner and/or part of an organization, how many are able to enter and pitch?

 A.    We will walk you through the process and see what works best for your pitch. There are no set numbers on who can pitch. 

Q: Do I have to start a company if I win the competition?

 A.    There is no direct path to starting a company after the competition. We want to hear your ideas and work with you to get to the next level. Whether it is starting a student organization, implementing a campus program, or even international - this is the opportunity to           launch your idea.

Q: I'm not an 'entrepreneur' so will I be competitive?

 A.    Absolutely! This is an idea pitch. You will be judged on the problem, proposed solution, customer and your overall presentation. You can attend an information session or office hours to receive some feedback and work on your presentation. 

Q: What types of ideas are you looking for to enter the competition?

 A.    Have you identified a problem on campus? In your community? Nationally or Internationally? What is your idea to solve this problem? Have you designed something? There are no limits for our entries.

Q: I'm tossing around a few ideas, but haven't decided on one- What can I do?

 A.    You can attend an information session (sign up here) or office hours (sign up here) so we can help you narrow down your ideas. 

Q: What if the 49er iChallenge conflicts with my class schedule?

 A.    If you have a conflict, email us and we can see if there is a way to work with your professor to find a solution.

Q: How can I practice my pitch?

  A.  You can attend an information session or office hours to receive some feedback and work on your presentation. 

Q: Do I need to design a slide deck?

 A.    A slide deck is not required, but if you would like to utilize slides, there is a maximum of four slides and they must be turned in by Tuesday, November 19th at 5pm. You can attend office hours to receive some feedback and work on your presentation. 

Q: What happens the day of the 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch?

  A.   The 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch will be held in PORTAL, Room 242 from 4pm-7pm. Check-In and Networking will be 4-5pm  Pitches are 5-6:30pm   Judges Deliberation is 6:30-6:50pm and Winners will be announced at 7pm.

Q: How else can I get involved with the entrepreneurship at UNCC?

 A.    The 49er iChallenge Idea Pitch is a great way to get your foot in the door with campus entrepreneurship. Many of our previous participants go on to be 49er Foundry members and recognized in the community.