Ventureprise Launch NSF I-Corps Spring 2019 Alumni

Classical Music Analytics

We use artificial intelligence, data science and graph analytics, we plan to build a recommender system that can generate a classical music concert program/playlist for a musician or an orchestra based on various parameters like repertoire, location of the concert, live social media information, etc. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Siddharth Krishnan

Entrepreneurial Lead, Arunkumar Bagavathi

CLAS Lead, Sahithi Meduri 

College of Computing and Informatics


Perfluoroalkylated substances are persistent and pervasive molecules that have widely been found in natural water resources due to industrial applications and usage of consumer products. US EPA is concerned about these deleterious molecules and is evaluating systems that can exhibit 95% removal of these molecules. Our product deals in fast and effective purification of these adverse health effects causing molecules from water.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Jordan C. Poler (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Abhispa Sahu (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Nicholas Johnson (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Rachel Rollins (Chemistry)

CLAS Lead, Kelly Chi (Biology)

FlySmart Robotics

In this project, we design efficient algorithms for motion planning for a multiple of UAVs. The applications are coverage of linear features in the environment, such as road network or a power line distribution. The technology will provide fast and easy to use systems to design flight plans for multiple UAVs. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Srinivas Akella (Computing and Informatics)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Saurav Agarwal (Computing and Informatics)

CLAS Lead, Noah Perry (Criminal Justice)

IFS (Intelligent Façade Simulator)

Intelligent Façade Simulator: An Inter-connected Hybrid Lab toward the development of personalized comfort technologies.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Mona Azarbaijani (Architecture)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Roshanak Ashrafi (Architecture)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Amir Hosseinzadeh Zarrabi (Computing and Informatics)

CLAS Lead, Elijah Acosta (Political Science/Psychology)

Light & Charge Solution

Light & Charge Solutions is developing customized materials to lower the cost, improve the performance, and extend the operational lifetime of flexible electronic devices. These materials contain only earth-abundant elements and are designed to be compatible with existing industrial electronic device fabrication processes.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Thomas Schemedake (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Margaret Kocherga (Chemistry)

Technical Lead, Michael Walter (Chemistry)

Technical Lead, Yong Zhang (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

CLAS Lead, David Miller 


We are pursuing an application for item swapping, we are starting with college textbooks. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Nadia Najjar (Computing and Informatics)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Hunter Heavener (Computing and Informatics)

CLAS Lead, Cole Nastasi (History) 

Micro Algae Building Environment

The invention is building product development that serves as a primary building enclosure system with structural integrity, thermal insulation, daylighting filtration, good air quality, and view-out while providing on-site renewable energy production

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Kyound Hee Kim (Architecture)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Maryam Tavakoli Hosseinabadi (Computing and Informatics)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Chengde Wu (Architecture)

CLAS Lead, Samuel Ogunmola (Biology) 

Oculi Kinetic Façade System

A kinetic micro-oculi building enclosure system that has been developed to promote building energy efficiency and good occupants' comfort. It is a pre-fabricated building enclosure and consists of a series of micro-oculi suspended between 2 sheets of glass pane. It responds dynamically to the sun's movement and enhances solar shading efficiency, daylight penetration, and view outs. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Kyoung Hee Kim (Architecture)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Ok-Kyun Im (Architecture)

CLAS Lead, Maryun Behnejad (Biology)


This technology aims to serve as a low cost, a real-time controller which can work as a multidisciplinary tool from power grid monitoring to analyzing your ECG results which have their own complexity and variations owing to physiological changes and many cush other tasks. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Badrul Chowdhury (Engineering)

Academic Lead, Dr. Andrew Willis (Engineering)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Bhaskar Mitra (Engineering)

CLAS Lead, Molly Astarita (Marketing)


Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer and approximately 60% of melanomas have a missense mutation in the BRAF gene, current medicine treating melanoma carry such mutation has a drawback mechanism caused by activation of NF-kB pathway. Our nanofibers carry NF-kB decoy sequence which will inhibit NF-kB activity and target such mutation through the RNAi pathway. Give the melanoma patients more efficient way of treatment.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Kirill Afonin (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Weina Ke (Chemistry)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Judson Gerbier (Computing and Informatics)

CLAS Lead, Trevor Belk (College of Business)

Thermal Energy system

The product is a self-sensing, thermal energy storage facility using concrete material. To ensure sustainability in our living environment, energy storage facilities have been suggested to minimize energy demands and enhance facility resilience by building in system redundancy-concrete energy storage facility is a low cost and high fidelity solution. The product utilizes multiple technologies making concrete self-sense the thermal capacity of the energy storage facility and allows smart regulation of the energy/heating utility of a building. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Shenen Chen (Civil Engineering)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Ahmad Abufoul (Civil Engineering)

CLAS Lead, Melissa Huynh (Biology)


The project is to develop a biomedia building facade, aiming to address the issues of environmental injustice of the city of Charlotte. The biomedia facade serves as a primary building enclosure while the interactive features display the information about environmental issues in Charlotte.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Kyound Hee Kim (Architecture)

Entrepreneurial Lead, Doug Cao (Architecture)

CLAS Lead, Trevor Belk (Business)