Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Summer 2019 Alumni


Bridgez is an app that is designed to bring together people with expertise in different areas with people that want knowledge in a specific area. It has designed an interactive video service that connects people virtually to interact with each other from anywhere. This way it takes the typical search and read research from a google search to a real-time interactive research meeting.

James Dewitt

Intelly Doc

IntellyDoc is an integrated contract and document management product, with intuitive workflow automation designed for legal and contract professionals. Our product automates manual contractual tasks from document generation, workflows, electronic signatures, and contract analytics. Using machine learning, our product helps legal and contract professionals automate contract review and extract critical contract language – saving companies time and money so that teams can spend more time on high-value revenue-generating tasks.

Bobby Robinson


The technology of Loyo is utilizing APIs to track customers financial transactions in order to seamlessly verify and reward loyal customers. Specifically, small business owners first set up their rewards program online. Customers visiting the small businesses are asked to register this small business’s loyalty program through the app. They can link the app to their credit/debit cards by simply logging on the bank apps of their phone. Once the accounts are linked, Loyo app will automatically track the amount spent by the customer in the store and enable customers to redeem rewards. Small business owners do not need any additional equipment or POS integration to track and reward their customers, thus reducing operational burden commonly seen in traditional rewards programs

Kai Jia


Pollynation consists of home-made remedies. Its vision is to breathe life into society with an all-natural, energy-infused, health-conscious products (i.e., hair butter, healing balm, soap).

Carli Abram

Pro human Technologies

Justin Dues

Voucher See

Voucher See leverages amazon web services in a serverless environment using a progressive web application, android and ios play stores.

Bryan Dennstedt

Wearable Defense

Wearable Device is a personal stun device worn on the wrist that looks like a FitBit. With 2 quick flicks of the wrist, in less than a second, women will have 20,000 volts to layout a would-be attacker. This is vastly quicker than anything currently available. Moreover, the nasty sound of a warning shot is so intimidating it acts as a great deterrent. Since the product looks great, women will want to wear it as a separate wristband, or as a replacement wristband for the FitBit, or Apple Watch, etc. they already own.

Troy Drugo