Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Summer 2020 Virtual Cohort Alumni

Polaris by North Wonders

We have developed a self-guide cyber security planning document for small businesses – allowing them to understand their key cyber risks and effectively execute remediation tasks. The team consists of one staff member and a growing advisory council (including SBTDC board member and experience entrepreneur/IT Services business owner).

Terry Ziemniak

Walkfree Inc (Guide Robot)

We are developing a guide robot to help visually impaired people to navigate street. It is a miniature autonomous vehicle that also talks to people.

Hao Zhou


Interested in re-employing servers and bartenders as independent contractors via an app that delivers a consumer’s favorite cocktails and beer/wine at home.

Denise Gregory

Radiance VR, Inc

Radiance VR, Inc. is an American high-tech consumer electronics manufacturer that designs, engineers, and markets virtual reality personal computing systems.

Nini William Hinsche

Ascend Goals

Ascend creates gamified goal-setting software for teens and young adults. Our platform enables schools and mentoring programs to cultivate, track, and measure student progress and achievement.

Missi Rossi
Reg Gabriel
Christine Nicodemus
Ted Piecora


Things2Day helps Seniors remain active, safe and more independent by bringing awareness to new technologies supporting that goal. Things2Day accomplishes this by providing a directory of technologies that many Seniors, their caregivers and medical professionals would otherwise not be aware. The founders leverage extensive backgrounds working for and with the largest providers of Information Technology and Communications solutions.

Debby Bond
Terry Hinton
Therese Mancuso


apay was founded by two Bank of America associates that worked in various areas of financial technology and Global Markets. Blake, the CEO, worked on an FX Trading Desk as well as GBAM Technology. Owen, the CTO and full-stack developer comes from Bank of America where he worked in Wholesale Technology through the Applied Technology Program. Owen graduated from UNCC with degrees in Computer Science and Finance. Together we’re building financial tools and resources for managing and eliminating student loans.

Blake Wood
Owen Brady