49er Foundry Summer Accelerator

Ventureprise Summer Accelerator has been created to provide alumni of our programs with the opportunity to participate in a summer labs program focused on business model development, piloting and data collection to get to the next level of business formation, scaling and funding. 
Participants of the summer labs program will receive a $1,500 award, mentorship and programming. 

greenway student opportunities


Josh Harper- LinkedIn

Business would submit problems or projects to the organization such as customer acquisition, strategy development, market sizing, etc and then students would apply for that specific project through the organization. This way the organization would be able to place the best possible students to work on these projects or “micro internships” and the businesses would know they are getting a high quality deliverable. 



groceries for restaurants


Dipal Shah- LinkedIn





John Gully

Joey Kermes

Our goal is to change the way resumes are created and analyzed. The primary intention is to create a client software that allows applicants to better demonstrate the deeper qualitative and quantitative aspects of their careers by expanding upon the base framework that is today’s current resume to include much further depth, incorporating the use of multimedia and data. 



plastic pollution solution


Mackay Burke: LinkedIn

Create a  recycling platform with the intent to utilize plastic waste to create useful items for campus programs and organizations.




Allison File: LinkedIn

Amogh Bandekar: LinkedIn

SolCooking strives to improve respiratory health outcomes and reduce the carbon footprint of homeless populations through the production of solar cookers. 




Samra Kanwal: LinkedIn

I am working on developing a platform called Volunto that allows driven and talented college students to donate their skills, which they have spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless years amassing, to nonprofits in need.