Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Fall 2020 Virtual Cohort Alumni


We are building a voice free and touch free platform that offers autonomous and user-managed emergency response solutions for consumers and businesses, via wearables and IOT devices. Autonomous services are pre-configured and activated on by the wearable sensors and supported by Machine Learning and AI managed data. User-managed solutions are activated within the platforms app and can be customized to meet users needs.

Quincy Kennedy


Conquer is a social travel companion app that merges both travel and gaming cultures by allowing users to complete location-based challenges while travelling, and compete for prizes, points and badges. Conquer not only encourages users to travel and explore destinations, but the app will also provide a unique social media outlet for travel experiences. Conquer aims to alleviate the difficulty of group travel arrangements to further simplify users travel experiences. Conquer will be the travelers communication tool that increases user experience and engagement.

Sheldon Rowe

deberry co. (myblackresume)

MyBlackResume is a tech talent database that develops and manages the professional career of black tech talent. We use a 360 degree management approach to engage and develop the talent in to high performing team members.

Quentin DeBerry


We created an app that helps patients on a ventilator communicate with their health care worker. This is especially useful during this Covid time. It allows the health care worker to spend less time in proximity to a Covid positive patient. This app also helps with medical translation and can reduce the need for a translator for basic scenarios.

Renita Abboy

global game

Mobile app that connects users with businesses for their sport/fitness workout needs. Community oriented and meant to help exposure of businesses/facilities while making the experience for the customers seamless and transparent. Helps business retain memberships and users to feel invigorated to continue on fitness goals.

Jordan Turner
Benjami Leak

Habitual roots

The ROOTS Methodology is our 5 phase process that guide individuals through both the conceptual and applicable knowledge of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness and help build mental resilience.

Justin Ervin
Rayna Hervis
Yenting Liu
Kevin Wong

just her rideshare

Mobile Rideshare App for Women . From 2017-2019 there were over 10,000 sexual assaults against women with the two major rideshare companies Uber and Lyft. As a women only rideshare, we will provide an alternative rideshare for women to ride and drive in a safe space.

Kimberly Evans
Rashaan Peek

nehmiah project

The Nehemiah eCommunity is the social media network for the faith community. We have developed a marketplace for the faith community and are working to develop a “linkedin” type app to connect urban entrepreneurs with investors that desire a triple bottom-line.

Charles Kearse
Judeen Parks
Charisse Stennett

no mess spf

No Mess SPF is an automatic sunscreen spray application device. You step up and in 5 seconds are fully covered. It solves the problem of effectively applying sunscreen for protection from the sun.

Kim Harclerode

oat flour barkery

Oat Flour Barkery offers premium solutions at market price that can be found and ordered conveniently online, as we bake unique, aesthetically pleasing dog treats made with oat flour which is gluten free and safe for dogs with gluten sensitivities.

Meisha Moore

rdj ventures

The subject innovation is a novel composition that can be sprayed onto medical PPE (personal protective equipment), including gowns, masks or gloves, surgical drapes, or surfaces or relevant nonmedical textiles (such as divider privacy curtains in crowded hospitals). The composition rapidly decontaminates the PPE or surfaces with a burst of virucidal and bactericidal activity, and also provides strong virucidal activity for a period of many hours or days after a single application.

John Siverling
Dennis Tan