Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Spring 2017 Alumni


Agingo organizes the Internet so you can get back to websites without searching.

Jacob Hall


Knedia is a data-driven, knowledge-focused digital communication and engagement platform designed to foster community around climate science accessibility and understanding for everyone.

Ben Eriandson

North Compass- Dynamic Process Management System

Documenting quality procedures is necessary for certification purposes but delivering on that quality mandate is dependent on enforcement and compliance. Dynamic Process Management (DPM) is a process, supported by an automated tool, to develop best practice procedures, ensure compliance, collect documentation.

Mitchell Drew Marshall, Jr.

queen city farms

Queen City Farms (former Thought Market) is indoor farming that uses computer hardware and software to manage all production processes, LED grow lights, grow panels/trays, seed, and growth medium (soil is not used in the growth process), pumps and sensors, packaging facilities, cold storage, and a bio room to minimize pests.

Julian Walker


Redipay is a Crypto Currency Broker Cum Exchange. Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin from a trusted provider. All orders are processed manually, by our experts, to ensure there is no mistake!

Mark Gulley

Yobi Fund

Yobifund is a ubiquitous and scalable electronic digital investment portal

Darrell Hubbard