2020 Ventureprise Summer Accelerator



David Cook- dave@authorloyalty.com

Brian Rathbone- brian@authorloyalty.com

AuthorLoyalty helps authors and publishers sell more books and make more money through our unique royalty and sales tracking software and book marketing services. AuthorLoyalty empowers publishers, authors, artists, and other rightsholders by tracking and visualizing sales and marketing data across a wide variety of retailers and publishing platforms such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Audible, B&N and more.



Cargo Labs


John Hernandez- john.hernandez@trackport.io

Jake Spradling- jake.spradling@trackport.io

CargoLabs Inc. is a firm designed to create digital products for supply chain. TrackPort, is our seminal product, an application designed to record, invoice, and process truck drivers' time spent waiting at shippers and receivers. This application also includes a revenue generating solution called InstaAlert, which provides brokers immediate visibility of entrance and exit at shippers and receivers. Our team is made up of John Hernandez, a former truck driver, truck broker, and warehouse worker as well as Jake Spradling, former Red Hat intern and full-stack developer.





Kale Pasch- kale@froogal.us

Froogal allows millennial depositors to earn more on their savings and banks to attract their deposits at a lower cost. This is accomplished through a rewards program that provides points, rather than interest, for maintaining balances with us and by offering vastly superior financial planning capabilities. We improve millennial's lives in the short-term with subscription boxes redeemed with points and the long-term with detailed financial planning features for couples/groups.





Treven Stoddard-Trevenstoddard@gmail.com

Genubot is an application created for students taking Calculus and Algebra that assists students in improving their grades by helping them understand what topics they need to improve on. Our product leverages new technologies,  such as machine learning, to determine what topics student are struggling with to enable them to spend their time focusing on the topics that need the most attention.



iEdapts, LLC


Derrick Knox- dknox@iedapts.com

iEdapts provides engaging and entertaining content to address areas that are lacking in the current curriculum with regards to social and emotional learning. Our mission is to develop a creative educational algorithm lifecycle responder tool that addresses social, emotional, and cultural learning styles with a little nostalgia to help with a student's personal growth and memory recall for content subjects. By combining multiple learning styles with Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) pedagogy, our educational responder tool will allow our growing pool of diverse intellectual teachers and advisory students to communicate effectively when delivering subject matter content. This content is delivered through music, videos, dance, and games to help at-risk students to learn faster and retain more content specially concerning Literacy and Math.



Light and Charge Solutions


Margaret Kocherga-mkocherg@uncc.edu

Tom Schmedake- Tom.Schmedake@uncc.edu 

Light and Charge Solutions, LLC makes customized materials for the manufacturers of OLED televisions, flexible displays, and wearable electronics, so they can save 30% on their production cost. Current devices require over twenty layers of different materials, each painstakingly applied at a significant cost of money and time, we are developing materials that can do everything in just a couple of layers. We have a team of deep technology skilled CEO, technical mentors, industrial mentors, marketing and business development interns working hard on establishing customer relations.





Paula Kranz- paula@wheelhousemedia.tv

Healthcare education is costly, time consuming and lacks the frequency needed to keep professionals on the cutting edge of readiness. Performing high-stakes operations under pressure can mean a matter of life or death. Yet in many cases, the operating room or ER is the first- or second time medical professionals may see a high-stakes trauma. As such, medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in American, causing over 200K deaths and costing providers $20B annually. Immersive VR video simulations – which gamify learning anytime, anywhere via scripted scenarios - address all those issues. With real-time haptic and AI feedback for users and informatics for administrators, MedXR's VR videos will increase performance on for high-risk, low-frequency healthcare scenarios, improve learning by 70%, decrease training costs 30% and time by 40%. We are helping to revolutionize healthcare education.



Prohuman Tech


Justin Dues-justin@prohuman.tech

Prohuman Tech is changing how the body heals. The crosspollination of science frontiers have merged, creating wearable technology that can improve lives. A new way to provide therapeutic relief for nearly fifty million Americans, and hundreds of thousands of athletes that manage chronic pain on a daily basis (CDC, NIH).  



Rethink Ledgers


Bart Cant- bart@rtledgers.com

Rethink Ledgers is an early adopter of implementing Centralized Ledger Technologies for Financial Services Industries. Our Business initiative and product is an add-on paid-for-services that helps Financial Institutions that are building Centralized Ledger solutions to manage the Organization and Operation of Market Places or Business Networks. The solution is a SAAS Software and is completely built with AWS Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) technologies.



Smart girls hq


Abi Olukeye- abi@smartgirlshq.com 

A learning platform the offers an age-appropriate, personalized and experienced-based informal learning curriculum that engages elementary-aged learners and their parents in engaging career exploration in a hybrid offline and online format.



Teachers Protect


Laurie Kick- lkick@teachersprotect.com

Teachers Protect has developed a school safety application designed to provide real-time communication between stakeholders, identify the exact location of the alert and the level of any threat/incident in a school or building.