Ventureprise Launch Summer 2021 Virtual Cohort

This cohort was mix of both University Teams and Community Startups



Aiot (All in one teamwork)

This product helps with the dominant project management methodology called "Agile". It helps with identifying tasks, scheduling, tracking, verifications and validations. This system can also work in training mode to train the staff before deploying it.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Mohsen Dorodchi

Entrepreneurial Leads:

Mohammadali Fallahian, College of Computing and Informatics

Ali Doroodchi, College of Computing and Informatics

Alexandria Benedick, College of Computing and Informatics


We are developing a thermal infrared imaging modality (8-10 microns) that uses heat as a contrast agent to detect vascular structures embedded in tissue. Enhanced thermal imaging provides images at the video rate - a real time technique. There are multiple applications of this imaging modality in medicine including surgical procedures that require vascular repair/manipulation and margin delineation during tumor resection.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Susan Trammel

Entrepreneurial Leads:

Cobey McGinnis, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Digital dental software

Our technology concept is a telehealth digital dentistry software that creates individual patient profiles on a blockchain. Each patient will have an app on their phone with all their personal medical data, communication with their doctor, and a reward system based on crypto-currency that will feed back into their bills to reduce healthcare costs. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Shelby Setzer

Entrepreneurial Lead, Zak Burgan, Belk College of Business

first (finding interesting stories about students)

FIRST (Finding Interesting stoRies about STudents) is designed to help teachers and advisors better understand individual student success and risk. This interactive system promotes the sensemaking of student data at the individual level through stories that are automatically generated and updated in coordination with a temporal data model and the results of aggregate analytics. The core technology innovation in this product is the automatic generation of interesting stories about students from the data in learning institution databases.

Team Members:

Academic Lead:

Dr. MaryLou Maher 

Entrepreneurial Lead:

 Ahmad Al-Doulat, College of Computing and Informatics

INclusive string performing and teaching

Our team is interested in creating pedagogical material in the form of electronic sheet music and an application for phones/tablets that will assist students in learning the music. Our focus is to teach music by underrepresented composers in order to help diversity musical offerings for school children. In the longterm, we hope to partner with an expert in computer programming or app development to assist us in bringing technology into our project. This technology could be used to teach other music even through our focus is on highlighting string music by Black composers for educational purposes. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Mira Frisch

Entrepreneurial Leads:

Brian Arreola, College of Arts + Architecture

Renzo Caceres, College of Arts + Architecture

mcp industries

A device that has been designed, 3D printed, and tested to aid workers with mounting electric hand-held rotary tools to a stable platform creating a safer and more efficient work environment.

Team Members:

Academic Lead: Dr. Wesley Williams

Entrepreneurial Lead:

 Matthew Sultana, William States Lee College of Engineering

phoenix roof system

The pending patent for the fly ash/resin composite and a joint partnership with a organic photovoltaic film manufacturer that will be adherent to the composite material. Together the two technologies can both be more affordable, visually appealing and is made of 100% recycled materials. The technology is new and more development with be needed to produce a prototype for commercial and residential applications. 

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead:

Mitchell Mullen, Cato College of Education

Tbd: Peer to peer based energy trading

With rooftop solar and battery storage systems, traditional energy consumers are turning into prosumers. Our team plans to develop a peer-to-peer based energy trading and control software platform that can enable prosumers to exchange clean energy within a community or microgrid and improve the energy resilience. 

Team Members:

Academic Lead:

Dr. Linquan Bai

Entrepreneurial Lead:

Naveen Kodanda Pani, William States Lee College of Education




DayWatt is a North Carolina startup with technology enabling rooftop solar installations on commercial buildings to supply long-term backup power to the facility during blackouts, a feature unavailable with conventional renewable energy approaches. In addition to offering cost-effective power outage resiliency, the system also provides significant lifetime benefits through dramatically lower energy bills, decreased maintenance, and reduced carbon emissions.

John Sussele


Go Go Medical Communications L.L.C is working on a medical app that will assist physicians in providing better medical care to sepsis patients. The app will focus on improving sepsis compliance bundles to improve better outcomes for sepsis patients. 

Melissa Feinstein


We have developed a new signal encoding technique for wireless communications that provides dramatically higher performance that currently available technologies.  This technique can be applied to many different communications systems, with potential benefits that include lower power draw (=longer battery life), higher data throughput, longer distance between transmitter and receiver (=fewer cell towers), improved noise resistance, simplified signal processing hardware (=lower cost) or others depending on the specific application.

Gregory Warnes

Rosemary Warnes

Harvey Russell

Anthony Winter

Story now

StoryNow is out to democratize meaningful video storytelling. We do this by equipping inspiring companies and nonprofits with mobile-first tools and technology to create compelling videos that raise their revenue, boost their employee well-being and advance their mission. And we do it in a way that radically reduces the cost, time and stress of traditional filmmaking. 

Tamara Park