Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Open to all UNC Charlotte students.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship provides students with an understanding of how to think and act entrepreneurially in efficient and effective ways. Open to all UNC Charlotte undergraduate students, the certificate aims to satisfy the increasing societal demand for skill sets related to entrepreneurship, such as being able to recognize and evaluate opportunities or knowing how to create and communicate a vision.

The courses within the certificate leverage various pedagogical approaches (i.e., research intensive; case based; experiential; iterative thinking) to help students develop various entrepreneurial competencies. These competencies are intended to support students’ endeavors to become independent entrepreneurs who can start up their own ventures; project managers and other corporate entrepreneurs; social entrepreneurs; franchisees; and key employees at entrepreneurial ventures, among other entrepreneurial paths.

Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog

Required Courses

(6 credit hours) Select two of the following:

  • ENTR 3276 – Recognizing Entrepreneurial Opportunities (Fall)
  • ENTR 3278 – Experiential Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • ENTR 3279 – Entrepreneurial Action and Organizing (Spring)


(6 credit hours) Select two of the following:

  • ENTR 3000 – Special Topics-Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 3277 – Entrepreneurship (Fall & Spring)
  • MGMT 4300 – Entrepreneurial Decisions (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 12


The Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all UNC Charlotte undergraduate students. However, the capacity of the program is restricted to 60 students entering the program per year. To be accepted into the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program, students must present a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and be on track to obtain Junior standing by the time of enrollment in the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship. In addition, interested students must submit an online application including a statement of purpose.