Ventureprise Launch NSF I-Corps Summer 2019 Alumni


Heben enables a user to live-stream a workout from their phone while being able to view it on any device with the app. Heben also enables a user to post videos/clips/pictures and gain followers. The app is made to make a community around the fitness industry.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Adam Whaley

Entrepreneurial Lead, Fidel Henriquez

College of Computing and Informatics

Loose Lace

Today there is an overabundance of social platforms that are not designed to accommodate the habits and customs of sneaker culture and the ones that are strictly marketplaces have little or no social features. Since this is a reality, the current 55 Billion dollar sneaker industry lacks any sort of social home. LooseLace aims to centralize the social and market elements of sneaker culture by designing a platform that is linguistically, socially, and specifically designed to encompass every aspect of sneakerhead lifestyle.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Tristin Fields 

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 


Since the health effect of daylight varies from individual to individual, and the movement of occupants introduce uncertainty in the prediction of non-visual responses to the light, there are only a few devices available to capture the intensity and spectrum of circadian light exposure at individual level such as actiwatches, daysimeters, or Lightlogs. However, these devices are not accessible to many researchers and practitioners as they are not commercially available or they are expensive. In order to advance our understanding of the influence of user’s activity and movement on the stimulation of non-visual system within different configurations of built environments, there is a need to develop a framework to measure personal lighting conditions in an inexpensive and accessible manner. In addition, none of the currently available devices are able to visualize real-time data as they record data over a period of time.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dimitris Papanikolaou

Entrepreneurial Lead, Armin Amirazar

College of Arts & Architecture

The William States Lee College of Engineering

Smart Infrastructure Asset management

Smart Infrastructure Asset Management intends to use a data-driven prediction model to forecast the future condition of multiple roadway assets. In this model, we consider a set of contributing factors to the deterioration of assets, such as weather, traffic, maintenance activities. The model provides future maintenance needs based on the predicted conditions.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Omidreza Shoghli

Entrepreneurial Lead, Sepehr Sabeti

The William States Lee College of Engineering

VR Trainer

VR Trainer aims to create a virtual trainer that can help the user with a variety of exercises from yoga, weightlifting to cross-fit. We plan to develop the virtual trainer for HTC VIVE as the first version, which provides sensors for us to track user information. We will use inverse kinematics algorithms to create a full-body tracking of the user in VR and create immersive techniques to deliver the virtual trainer programs. Our solution will provide training programs and real-time feedbacks of user performance.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Dr. Aidong Lu

Entrepreneurial Lead, Neelesh Mungoli

College of Computing and Informatics