2019 Charlotte Venture Challenge Participant Information




We are excited to have over 25 teams and businesses participating in our 18th Annual Charlotte Venture Challenge event! 

UNC Charlotte Student Pitch Competition 




Loose Lace - Tristin Fields


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Loose Lace aims to centralize the social and market aspects of sneaker culture that is specifically designed to accommodate it.


Tiquity Tickets - Hunter Stanley


Belk College of Business

Tiquity is an online ticket platform that offers the average local sports fan a cheaper and fully customizable multi-game ticket packages without having to purchase a season ticket. For one upfront price, fans are guaranteed the opportunity to choose how many games they want, which games they want, and where they want to sit for each game without having to make the season-long commitment of purchasing every game.


Replicator - Haley Currence


College of Computing and Informatics

A voice-activated hot and cold drink dispenser.


Heben - Fidel Henriquez


College of Computing and Informatics

With a push of button, connect and workout with anyone through livestreams.



Mello - Hunter Heavener and Cole Nastasi



College of Liberal Arts and Sciences & College of Computing and Informatics

Our dynamic platform facilitates social learning between students by providing exclusive access to a curated selection of course materials and study aids in an innovative way. Our student-centric design organizes students according to school, class and even section number, allowing for more relevant and effective collaboration. By providing students with a powerful means of communicating, sharing and studying in a single digital location, students will learn more and achieve better grades.


Anticipate - Jahdiel Couchman, Stephanie Lam, Charlotte Barrett, Vishal Naik





College of Computing and Informatics

The video game industry suffers from a lack of diversity of playable characters and the sexualization of women, catering largely to teenage and young adult males. We want to change this by using our skills in art, programming, and game development to publish games that better support underepresented groups of gamers and give female players realistic avatars and storylines that they can relate to.


enterTiNment - Martin Gutierrez


College of Computing and Informatics

A new hybrid genre of gaming is unleashed in project S.T.I.N.G Operation. Join the Costa Squad, a group of diverse characters, as they work together to battle against the threat of rapidly evolving and increasingly intelligent insects.


Niner Radar - Anthony DeCenzo and Matthew Krawiec




College of Computing and Informatics & The William States Lee College of Engineering

Time is the student's most precious commodity. However, most of it goes wasted because of the unnecessary travel due to traffic congestion. We offer a website that provides real traffic data.

Ventureprise Launch 2.0

JouleScout - DeAndrea Salvador




JouleScout helps utilities lower wholesale energy costs by strengthening the relationship with their customers. Our platform motivates their energy customers to shift or reduce their electricity use at peak times through dynamic incentives and personalized engagement.  

Gig Connected - Keith Clithero



GIG CONNECTED is a mobile-friendly web application that streamlines the construction staffing process. It provides employers direct access to a pool of skilled and unskilled workers for commercial, residential, or highway and road construction projects by posting open jobs and allowing workers to apply.


Amissa - Jon Corkey



6 million Americans suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease and this places a heavy burden on 16 million unpaid caregivers that struggle to care for them. Amissa builds mobile application solutions that ease this burden and empower caregivers to locate wandering loved ones, remotely monitor their health, and predict Alzheimer’s behaviors and send alerts ahead of possible accidents.


BatteryXchange - Desmond Wiggan



BatteryXchange is a mobile app and kiosks rental platform that provides a more convenient and efficient way for cell phone users to charge their batteries on-the-go. Our company is in a position to be the solution that keeps people connected across the US & international markets.

Next Level STEM - Michael Walter and Meesha Kaushal


Our team has developed a High School STEM education Kit that eliminates the need for functional lab space, reduces lab preparation time by up to 50%, and combines professional development hours with teacher recertification. The kit implements real world applications and hands-on experiments around flexible electronic materials (OLEDs, polymer solar cells, and chemical sensors) while teaching fundamental chemistry and physics that meet state/national science standards.

Ventureprise Launch NSF i-Corps 

Light and Charge Solutions - Margaret Kocherga


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

We are providing a solution to the need for more efficient, reliable, and tailorable materials for the electronics display and OLED TV market.  We work with companies to provide materials optimized for their needs.

Pi-Control - Bhaskar Mitra



The William States Lee College of Engineering

Pi Control leverages a platform for performing real time analysis of current and voltage from the electrical grid, which has multiple signature patterns which makes recognisition of abnormal events useful. Along with real time decision making and high speed data acquisition at an affordable cost.



Video Collaboratory - Sybil Huskey and David Wilson




College of Arts and Architecture & College of Computing and Informatics

Video Collaboratory is a web-based platform for private, small group collaboration around video documents that connects detailed discussion threads directly with relevant points/segments in the video all on one page.    


IFS - Roshanak Ashrafi, Amir Hosseinzadeh Zarrabi and Mona Azarbayjani




College of Arts and Architecture

IFS is a cost effective tool that  simultaneously simulate the Visual qualities and thermal condition of space without the necessity of building the actual space for Designers and Facade Engineering to test and design facade systems based on occupants comfort data.  It is an alternative to this issue of monitoring and collecting occupants’ behavior in response to building envelopes and air conditioning systems that can help architects in the process of decision making.


MABE - Chengde Wu and Kyoung-Hee Kim 



College of Arts and Architecture & The William States Lee College of Engineering

We are developing Microalgae Building Envelope that grows microalgae in the photo-bioreactors on the building envelope. Microalgae can reduce carbon foot print by consuming carbon dioxide and release oxygen back to the air. In addition, microalgae can be harvested as a source of renewable energy to produce biofuel.

Raising Smart Girls - Abi Olukeye



Collaborating with College of Computing and Informatics

Raising Smart Girls provides parents with a personalized learning solution to help them succeed at facilitating meaningful informal STEM learning experiences with their preschool aged to preteen daughters.

Genubot - Treven Stoddard



College of Computing and Informatics

Genubot is a problem-solving application for calculus and algebra students, focusing on not only providing the answer but also utilizing machine learning to determine specific concepts the student needs to focus on to learn the subject matter. While many other solutions concentrate on providing the user with only the answer, Genubot offers a different approach on learning by utilizing this new technology.

Aqua DrioD - Dr. Pu Wang


College of Computing and Informatics

We are developing an underwater intelligent wireless robot and an underwater multi-robot system, which wirelessly interconnects with each other. These wireless robots automatically organize themselves into a particular form, travel together along a certain trajectory and collaboratively interact with phenomena of interest while completing difficult underwater tasks.

Tell-i Technologies - Clint HALSTEAD



Tell-i Technologies' contact-less current sensing enables high-frequency GaN and SiC power converters. Our mission is to develop solutions for advanced power converters for applications requiring high performance, high reliability, and high power density.



FixMob - Nic Gavalas and Mark Vande Guchte




Wasting time chasing facility issues? FixMob is the anti-portal. Connect your faculty and facilities team for an extraordinary campus experience.

Thoughtpost - Chris Dix



Thoughtpost bridges the gap between consumer messaging and business messaging. With our platform, your customers can reach you with any messaging app and still receive support using your internal tools and software

Room to Focus, Inc - Lorraine Russell



Helping businesses focus on the ROI of immersive tech! Ask me about a “HR in VR” virtual onboarding pilot!

Beacon Health Connect - Eric Kirsch



Beacon Health Connect is a transparent marketplace that allows employers to fund healthcare benefits, individually customized by each employee, with payments going directly to the providers.

Snugwicks - Cathy Ulicny and Megan Byrd



Snugwicks designs and sells the Snugwicks Original Wrap which is a comfortable, wearable dog-drying solution, made in the USA from premium materials. We are working on additional uses for the wrap as well as developing other innovative, water-wicking products that will benefit both pet owner and animal.

Coresnatcher - Jackie Moss



The Coresnatcher is the latest innovation to help transform your stomach from flab to fit! From young to old, anyone can get those abs  snatched, ONE BOUNCE AT A TIME!

Shandoka - Ernest Eich



The Modular Electric Motorcycle is a platform that makes electric motorcycles easy to build using Third-Party components. The patent-pending system makes it possible to replace the engine and transmission of a gas motorcycle with any battery pack and any drive-motor design.

27 Software - Doug McConoughey, Lee Larson, Graham Kerswell and Nelson Clark






Solving Digital Transformation (DX) Problems: 27 Software provides digital solutions for startups and enterprises from idea to implementation. We produce outcomes that transform customer experiences and improve operational processes.