Ventureprise Launch NSF I Corps Summer 2020 Virtual Cohort Alumni

Abbottics (AntKilla)

The AntKilla™ platform consists of a custom-built heavy-lift drone platform designed to map fire ant activity and migration over farm and pasture land, to precision-apply a custom formulation of organic pesticide to mounds, and to map all applications and measure effectiveness of treatment. This platform is designed as a Robot-as-a-Service offering to enable farmers and ranchers to engage our technology without capital expenditures.

Team Members:

Rob Abbott

Heidi Clubb

College of Computing and Informatics

Brighten Analytics: Data Analytics for Metabolomics

We have had many years of experience in developing analytics solution for making sense of -omics data using machine learning, signal processing, and big-data analytics. We provide customized data analytics solutions for knowledge discovery from biological and non-biological data.

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Xiuxia Du

Entrepreneurial Lead, Rick Hudson

Bioinformatics and Genomics

School of Data Science

Bridge to STEM

We are interested in developing an online science learning app, that supports the culturally responsive and culturally sustaining learning needs that are required to effectively teach urban adolescent students. Our team consists of two third year urban education Ph.D. students and a faculty member in the Cato College of Education; all of whom have an interest in creating equitable learning opportunities for students in underserved communities.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Wally Keith Burgess

Entrepreneurial Lead, Jimmeka Anderson

Academic Lead, Dr. Victor Mack

Cato College of Education

Automation and Me

Our team is working on developing a confidence based shared control framework. Wherein control authority is allocated to either the robot or human partner based on their task performance. The goal of this framework is to minimize human control effort while maximizing task performance.

Team Members:

Daniel Saraphis

Amir Ghasemi

Williams States Lee College of Engineering


Volunto is a startup aimed at revolutionizing the nonprofit sector by facilitating channels of digital volunteering that connect nonprofits in need with eager volunteers, all through a simple click of the mouse. Our platform allows volunteers to donate their technological skills, helping nonprofits grow and sustain themselves. Volunto was founded by Samra Kanwal, a business student and aspiring entrepreneur at UNC Charlotte .

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Samra Kanwal

Academic Lead, Diane Zablotsky

Levine Scholars

Belk College of Business

Intelligent Nursing Surveillance System for Elderly Care

We are developing an intelligent and automatic nursing surveillance system for elder care, which will automatically document the normal activities, recognize the abnormal behaviors, and predict the potential health risks for elderly people. The team consists of Dr. Pu Wang (assistant professor from CS), Chen Chen (assistant professor from ECE), Dr. Kelly Powers (assistant professor from school of nursing), Ayman Ali (PhD student from CS), and Thao Tran (Undergraduate student from CS)

Team Members:

Academic Lead, Pu Wang

Fatema Jannat

Thao Tran

Ayman Ali

Chen Chen

Kelly Powers

College of Computing and Informatics

Healthy Revolutions

The concept is to create an app that specifically targets the determinants of childhood obesity by affecting access, culture, time, habit, and structure. A personalized app for customized user experiences through the use of game and simulation will help meet goals of improved health, in fun and engaging ways.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Sarah Rutgers

College of Education

Enterprise Management Expertise Organizer

We are developing a machine-learning platform as a real-time monitor of companies' performance from different stakeholders' perspectives, including investors, customers, employees, and society, as well as the predictors. It is being built on big data resources such as social media and online textual resources. And visualize different business performance indicators concerning different stakeholders and explore casual associations, that helps to gather evidence for the hypothesis instantly. Our project has a broad application in any private sector organizations, with more relevant applications in the predictive analytics for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Ramya Prakash

Academic Lead, Dr. Victor Z. Chen

Belk College of Business

College of Computing and Informatics

Intelligent Sanitization Booth

An intelligent sanitization and scanning booth that uses sensor inputs to optimize the spray of disinfectant based on attributes of the human body like height and weight. * As per the guidelines of CDC and WHO, sanitization and isolation are key aspects of our fight against viruses like Covid-19. A smart booth will help in: - Avoiding any human contact during sanitization and scanning - Optimizing the quantity of disinfectant sprayed - Improving user experience spraying disinfectant on hands and feet tracked using of-the-shelf mmWave sensor. - Sensing body temperature of the subject inside the booth * For the current pandemic situation and in the future, intelligent disinfectant booths can be used at schools, universities, airports, train stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, or any social gatherings.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Vinit Amrutlal Katariya

Academic Lead, Dr. Tao Han

William States Lee College of Engineering


Our current technology is a mixed reality device that has the capabilities of telepresence and interaction. One use case is that we are able to connect and interact with others from any location and share content in real-time. In this manner, shared experiences are produced and collaboration between teams helps increase productivity as well as reimagine the way we communicate with each other.

Team Members:

Entrepreneurial Lead, Pedro Regaldo

Entrepreneurial Lead, Yongjie Guan

Academic Lead, Dr. Tao Han

William States Lee College of Engineering