Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellowship

Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellowship

The Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellowship program is focused on broadening participation in the innovation process and integrating an entrepreneurial mindset across campus. This interdisciplinary program is intended for full-time faculty at UNC Charlotte that identify as female or another underrepresented minority.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation seeks faculty with a desire to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship teaching into their coursework and other activities.

The Center is focused on providing the opportunity for anyone on campus to participate in the innovation process and benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset. This program was created and subsequently funded by the NC IDEA Foundation to increase the number of academic faculty offering innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization courses across campus.

Program Benefits

The Center will provide faculty with a fellowship to participate in an entrepreneurial educator academy designed to provide faculty with the skills, tools, and frameworks to offer innovation and entrepreneurship courses or develop other entrepreneurial programming.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is committed to having thousands of UNC Charlotte students participate in innovation and entrepreneurial curricular and co-curricular programs.

By broadening the number of faculty incorporating entrepreneurial thinking into their currriculum and increasing the incorporation of entrepreneurship across disciplines, students will have more resources to make their impact with their ideas and research. This relationship will increase the research, ideas, and impact across UNC Charlotte.

Applying to the Program


  • Applicants must identify as female or another underrepresented minority
  • Participants must be UNC Charlotte full-time faculty from any discipline
  • Strong candidates have an interest in providing students with innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization curricular or co-curricular training

Questions on eligibility or want to schedule an information session?

Contact Laura Smailes via email: lsmailes@uncc.edu or phone: 704-687-5675

Questions about the Faculty Fellowship?

Contact Director Devin Collins,