Justin Dues

Launch Specialist, Small Business & Technology Development Center
Launch Specialist

Justin Dues serves as the Business Launch Specialist for UNC Charlotte’s Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). In this role helping entrepreneurs move from an idea, through the planning process, and into the execution of their vision. Early-stage entrepreneurs and founders are often overwhelmed at the complexity involved with new value creation, but with SBTDC no-cost 1:1 advising, significant market intelligence resources, and educational programming - the path becomes more feasible. This is the goal of our organization, enabling entrepreneurs to start, build, and grow their businesses by providing the tools, contacts, resources, templates, or sounding board necessary to keep moving forward.

As a startup ecosystem advocate and entrepreneur himself, Justin has been on all sides of the business aisle. First as a student of the area attending pitch and networking events to plug into the community. Next as a volunteer, Justin launched a non-profit Bunker Labs chapter in Charlotte for the military connected business community. After completing an MBA at UNC Charlotte in 2018, Justin founded a Medical Device startup (Prohuman Technologies) and continues to mature the technology, build a team, and target federal R&D funding. Since joining the SBTDC in 2021 his passion for entrepreneurship continues to shine in assisting others as an advisor, mentor, coach, and judge depending on the day of the week. 

Mixed with his entrepreneurial experience, Justin’s background includes a decade of leadership in the Marine Corps, 8 years of heavy equipment and aerospace manufacturing, 4 years as the founder of a wearable med device company, and 2 years of small business advising with the SBTDC.